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A Monograph of Conostegia (Melastomataceae, Miconieae).

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:2016
Authors:R. Kriebel
Date Published:2016

A recent molecular phylogenetic analysis identified a clade containing all species of Conostegia, but that also included species of Clidemia and Miconia nested inside. A taxonomic revision of a more broadly circumscribed Conostegia is presented here. In total, 77 species of Conostegia are recognized. One species from Ecuador, Conostegia ortizae is described as new. Twenty-nine new combinations are proposed for the species of Clidemia and Miconia that fall inside Conostegia. Two new names are proposed for the two species for which the epithet was previously occupied in Conostegia. An infrageneric classification of Conostegia is proposed recognizing three sections based on the results of the molecular phylogeny. This taxonomic revision includes ample documentation of the anatomy and morphology of most species in the genus, taxonomic descriptions, a dichotomous key, and distribution maps for all species.

Alternate Journal:PhytoKeys
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